Office ergonomics – Better thanks to flexible offices

Office ergonomics – Better thanks to flexible offices

The demands placed on the human body have changed dramatically due to increasing mechanisation and digitisation. Instead of getting up or walking hard, the back and muscles now have to sit for hours. Therefore, the time has come to rethink the functionality of office furniture. Because when a person sits down, their workplace should move!

The idea of a versatile desk is nothing new.

For centuries, people have felt that sitting all the time is not healthy. As a result, dignitaries, artists and officials used to have a desk standing, which was made in addition or entirely. This desk had all the storage space available for modern desks. However, at that time it was not yet technically possible to make the desired adjustment to the seated position.

Nowadays, the number of people with long periods of sitting has increased dramatically. Even schoolchildren complain about back pain caused by lack of exercise. For them and for office workers, however, there is a clever solution: a height-adjustable desk. In the case of student desks, the height adjustment should allow for „regrowth“. So it is done only every few months or years.

In the office, basically the same function is used for a different purpose. It should allow you to change your posture several times a day, thus protecting your body from painful tensions.

Use the height adjustment function in your daily desk work.

Some office workers like to sit at work. Others suffer from tensions after a few hours. You need variety, i.e. at least one hour standing up, to be able to reappear. Height adjustable desks meet these requirements. They are not only set during initial installation. Instead, the height of the table can be changed several times a day, depending on the needs.

The advantages of height adjustable desks in branded models are safety and durability. Despite the high daily stress, the functionality between the seat and the standing height is well maintained for many years. Models with GS / CE mark are thoroughly tested for safe operation without risk of injury to the user. Despite their ergonomic manoeuvrability, they can comfortably stand or sit on their feet and legs.

Quality features of height adjustable desks

Low-reflective surfaces and rounded edges of desks
Vibration dampening, beige and stable structure with gaps without risk of c

rushing fingers.Free movement under the entire surface of your desk, even

when sitting down.Equipped with cable ducts to prevent tripping in the ergonomic work area.
The sitting and standing heights are always correct if the arms are loose and there is no need to lean backwards or forwards while working.
Sufficient table surface for a good working field of vision and grip.
The table surface is large enough for all working techniques plus sufficient free space in the gripping zones on both sides of the hand.


Height adjustable desks are designed to improve posture in the workplace. They must be large enough, flexible in size and easy to use. In particular, the best models allow for easy adaptation to stand or sit several times a day, even at full load